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Blackmail Cams

Sometimes the only motivation that really works is evidence. In so many relationships you are the one with the upper hand. Always in control over your staff at work, able to coerce your wife into whatever you think the best options may be, and without someone who truly challenges your ability to be the dominant part of any relationship. That all changes quickly when a Virtugirls cam model has evidence she can use against you!

Many of the most high-powered men and women are discovering the bliss that only comes from blackmail cams. The setup is simple, and the excitement lasts a lifetime. Create your own free account on VirtuGirls. Start a few different cam shows with models of your choice and narrow down to the playmate you want to share sexual excitement with for years to come.

Once you have a connection with your new Matron, you’ll be asked to share things of significant personal value: Things that can’t be easily withdrawn or overlooked. Some clients have submitted banking information, full sets of naked photos in compromising positions, business documents, family heirlooms and a wide array of other genuinely valuable artifacts of their lives that the model can use to sway their future activities.

When you get a text at 2AM that tells you to go to your office and turn on your webcam, you might be inclined to snooze the message and make the other person wait as you have so many times in other parts of your life. However, when your playmate reminds you that if you don’t move your ass right now she will be emailing those photos of you blowing another man to the entire contact list you previously sent to her – suddenly you’ll feel a new invigorated sense of motivation to do exactly as she requested.

That spur of excitement only comes from being in a powerless position where the other person is able to motivate your decisions and actions in ways you would otherwise reject. For most people these sorts of opportunities come naturally, but for a person like yourself who is always in control, manufacturing a failsafe way for your new webcam co-conspirator to maneuver you emotionally is a level of excitement that is too hard to quantify in words. Let’s put it bluntly, when she has her fingers on your bank accounts, you’ll cum harder than you ever expected to be possible in your entire lifetime.

Blackmail cams are not for the feint of heart. You’ll likely be required by your new Matron to sign contractual agreements to hold her harmless in the event that she finds it necessary to release the evidence to the public. Many of these sorts of arrangements never expire and simply can’t be ended. So be sure you are ready for the most exciting chapter of your life, put aside the boring day-to-day successes you are used to and give someone else the keys to do the driving for once. You’ll be glad you did, that very first time when she says cum or I’m sending this video tape of your affair to your wife so she divorces you and takes half tomorrow. Trust her, she knows what she is talking about and she knows how to get the cum out of you better than you ever did!

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