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CEI / JOI / SPH Cams

Look what we have here, a shy sub that needs his new mommy to tell him what to do and how to do it? You’re such a sad example of a man that you can’t even figure out where to find a sexy goddess willing to put up with you as she has you fulfill her fantasies by watching you squirm under her control? Haven’t you ever heard of Chaturbate before?

Chaturbate is a webcam site for adults only, and it features thousands of gorgeous ladies who have agreed to put up with you as long as you listen and carry out their simple instructions. Do you think you can do that maggot?!

One of the most common forms of cam experiences for a beginner like you involved JOI (Jerkoff Instructions) where your new mommy can watch you take off your tight white undies to reveal that dick of yours. Then, while she watches, you’ll follow every word she says as she gives you the most detailed and intimate instructions onhow to jerk off for her. How much hand pressure, whether or not you are allowed to use lube, fast or slow – it’s all up to her, as it should be, and your orgasms are sure to be even better than you can ever remember because a real woman is finally deciding what your hands and fingers should have been doing all along.

As you get to know your new matron better, you can advance past simple JOI play and get into the far more humiliating act of CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) with her. She bothered to tell you how to jerk it, so now let her tell you what to do with that load of cum you made for her. Does she want you to just eat it right away? Probably not…. when she can have you shampoo your hair with it, or wipe it into your eyes instead. Do as mommy says and maybe you’ll please her enough to be willing to play with you again the next time you can cum. Such a sad little man with the ability to cum only once in a while.

Perhaps you are finally ready to hear the whole truth. SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) is a fun game where you show your little limp dick to your new mommy via cam to cam webcam play and she gets to grade it. Does it only get a inch larger when you are fully erect? Really?! Why is it so narrow at the tip and what happened to the veins that are supposed to be prominently visible? Why are you so fucking pathetic?

The lovely ladies at Chaturbate have seen thousands of dicks from all kinds of men, some are big thick beautiful cocks and others are scrawny worthless wieners like yours. Let her be the judge and jury as she takes your self-esteem for a test drive in a cam sure you are sure to always remember!

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