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Sissification Cams

Hello Sissy Boy. Welcome back to another opportunity to make your Mistress happy. A failure like you only gets so many chances before being cast aside, so let’s make sure you have a full understand of what is expected of you from the lovely goddesses who are willing to put up with you right now online.

First of all, the ladies of Virtugirls have zero interest in ever meeting you in person. You aren’t worth the time it would take for them to come visit and they certainty aren’t having a loser like you over to their estate. Instead, what they are interested in is having you serve as their human toy during cam-to-cam shows online.

All you need is a webcam and a free account on Virtugirls. Even you can manage to set that up, can’t you?! Once you have your camera active, enter the room of a lady you are hoping to give your fealty. Tell her what a groveling simp you are and see if she is willing to afford you a few moments of her time.

Real world class cam models aren’t easy to please and she will likely want you to prove your worth quickly. Be sure to say “YES” in a clear voice and don’t bother speaking too much, nobody needs to hear what you want to say. Just listen to her voice and follow it like big bright red balloon with a long string tied tight around your dick.

Does mommy want you to try on her panties? Should the silly boy put on his best red lipstick and try to apply the eye shadow correctly this time? Sissification is not a new fantasy, you aren’t special just because you enjoy forced feminization play. Cisgender sluts like you are a dime a dozen, and the gorgeous ladies of Virtugirls can replace you any time they feel like it. So smile pretty, stand correctly, make sure that dick stays hard so you aren’t utterly useless and do exactly as mommy suggests.

Genuine ladies adore a submissive that follows instructions the first time. Only fools think being a brat is helpful. When she tells you to get that toy in your ass, she doesn’t mean just the tip and if she entered you with her own hand she wouldn’t be nearly as gentle as you might hope. Get the hole open and lean into it because if mommy doesn't see you start to sweat, she knows you aren’t really trying.

It is humiliating to have a complete stranger take total control over your bodily functions? Should you feel guilty that you are standing in front of a camera with your cock in your hand while she laughs at your little penis and tells you about her boyfriend? Nobody cares. Those are your feelings and you should keep them to yourself. The only thing that actually matters about you is your ability to obey, and the starlets at VirtuGirls will decide if you have what it takes to become part of their stable or not… so dress nicely and speak politely as you attempt to earn her trust.

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